The Young Members of the Manor Parliament


  • The Young MPs currently consist of Year 2 and Year One children with Year R joing us later on in the year.  They who were elected as members by their classes through a vote. There are now meetings held every other week when the children are given the chance to discuss ideas and issues that arise or may have been suggested by their class mates. There has been an assembly to promote the work of the Young MPs and the rest of the school are aware that they can approach these children with any ideas or suggestions they may have.
  • There is a Young MP display in the school that has a photo of all the children and also shows what they have been involved with so far this year. 
  • The Young MP's  are currently collecting ideas from their classes about how we can our school more environmentally friendly

  • They have recently written a letter to the governors asking for new recycling bins. We will let you know what they say!

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