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 Valued as Individuals, Inspired as Learners


The individual child to help enable them to

Enjoy a lifetime of learning

Our Story


Far away on the edge of the sea there lived a young boy and girl. They ASPIRED to sail like the fishermen they saw in the harbour. One day, they ran down to the harbour and with CONFIDENCE asked the big ship to take them on a journey but their voices were much too small to be heard over the ships horn. They looked again at the fishermen, once again inspired. They decided to row. The boy borrowed his grandfather's rowing boat, 'The Manor Way'. RESOURCEFULLY, they found materials to repair 'The Manor Way' and tested its size and strength with great care and RESPECT.
The girl and boy packed everything they would need and pushed the row boat out to sea. They rowed for many days and nights with the boy telling stories on his way. They floated through good weather and bad. Then the waves were as big as mountains but 'The Manor Way' and the children would not be stopped or slowed down no matter how much of a challenge they faced. COLLABORATIVELY, they supported each other and showed great strength and RESILIENCE until they came to an island. First, the boy and girl sat in 'The Manor Way' THOUGHTFUL before smiling at each other, HAPPY and delighted they had reached their destination.

As they grew, the girl and boy would always look out to sea and remember the journey they once had whilst on board 'THE MANOR WAY'.

Our Values

Aspire, Confidence, Resourceful, Respect, Collaboration, Resilience, Thoughtful, Happy

Our Logo

Our school logo of ‘The Manor Way’ boat is to remind everyone that no matter what ever challenges face them, if we are inspired and support each other, we will achieve our dreams.