School improvement plan

At the heart of this plan is a commitment by all to provide the very best education for the learners of Manor Infant School and nursery. It is under pinned throughout by the School’s Mission Statement, its Aims and Values. The plan seeks to provide strategic direction and the engineering of a collective vision to ensure that everyone’s contribution is truly valued.

 The School and nursery has ambitious plans to develop a curriculum that reflects and meets the hopes and dreams of all members of the community and a ‘keenness’ to help children to learn for themselves as the world is changing so quickly. We want children to be collaborative, reflective, resourceful and resilient in their journey in becoming responsible citizens, happy and fulfilled in future life. 

                         THE COMMUNICATION OF OUR AMBITION –


1. (Outcomes for pupils)

The children at Manor Infant school and nursery are supported by dedicated staff that the foundations and love of lifelong learning, both morally, emotionally and educationally.

2.(Personal development, behaviour and welfare)

Manor Infant School and nursery will be an environment where everyone is encouraged to be resilient, collaborative, resourceful and thoughtful throughout the day. These learning skills will expand beyond the school walls and into the pupils’ homes where family members will be equally inspired to share in these experiences.

3.(Leadership & Management)   
A shared vision will be developed with all leaders, staff and the community so that everyone feels valued, resilient and able to communicate effectively. All staff will feel empowered to fully utilise and build on their personal skills. There are more opportunities for children to be leaders and to inform leadership decisions.

4.(The quality of teaching, learning assessment)

Manor Infant School and nursery will have a strong and stable staff consisting of outstanding teaching that caters for all learners resulting in children achieving their full potential.  

5.(The effectiveness of the early years’ provision: quality and standards                       

Manor Infant School and nursery will create an environment that is welcoming and safe: provides for the development of lifelong learning from nursery to adulthood, and fosters a strong sense of community and family involvement

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