Who's Who?

Mr Ashley Howard

Mr Ashley Howard

Mrs Cornish

Mrs Emma Cornish
Deputy Headteacher, Assessment leader, teaching and learning, BLP champion

Ms Turner

Ms Pauline Turner
Assistant Headteacher, Inclusion leader, SENCo, Maths leader

Year 2

Mrs Brown / Mrs Cornish

Mrs Grace Brown
Year 2 leader, PSHE leader, Citizenship and Young MP leader, DOK champion

Ms Turner / Mrs Darby

Ms Pauline Turner/Mrs Samantha Darby
Science Leader

Mrs Forse

Mrs Dawn Forse
PE Leader

Year 1

Ms Hazelden

Ms Andi Hazelden
Year 1 leader, English leader, ECAR teacher

Miss Shairp

Miss Romany Shairp
History leader

Miss Haigh

Miss Eleanor Haigh
Art leader

Mrs Tudge

Mrs Sophy Tudge
Geography Leader


Year R

Mrs Kiddell

Mrs Hayley Kiddell
Year R leader, Computing leader, e-safety champion

Miss Boatwright

Miss Lisa Boatwright
DT leader

Miss Dady

Miss Shannan Dady
RE Leader

Mrs Warnes

Mrs Warnes


Teaching Assistants

Year R

Mrs Yard

Holly Yard

Miss Williamson

Louise Williamson

Miss Puttock

Kelly Puttock

Mrs Isaacs

Wendy Isaacs

Mrs O'Connell

Belinda O'Connell

Mrs Law

Belinda O'Connell

Year 1

Mrs Woodage

Sue Woodage

Mrs Fabode

Tommi Fabode

Mrs Jepson

Sarah Jepsom

Miss Jones

Lisa Jones


Year 2

Miss Waring

Mrs Clark

Mrs Lee

Hayley Lee

Mrs Bird

Lesley Bird


Library Assistant

Hayley Lee

Administrative Staff

Mrs Guntert

Catharine Guntert
Finance/Admin Manager

Mrs Large

Sarah Large
SIMS Manager

Mrs Kenward

Admin Officer

Pastoral Team

Mrs Hughes

Wendy Hughes
Family and pupil support working with a safeguarding role/ELSA

Miss Hampton

Louise Hampton
Attendance and family support

Mrs Cartwright

Julie Cartwright
Nurture Team

Mrs Austin

Becki Austin
Nurture Team, Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)



Site Manager

Mr Leworthy




Ms Binding

 Ms Jewell

 Ms Field

Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Bird



Lunchtime Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Musson

Ms Cooley

Mrs Chester

Mrs Archer

Mrs Akhtar

Miss Saunders

Mrs MacWhirter

Miss Day

Miss Jackson