Our aims and objectives


  • To provide 40 places for Nursery aged children, with 8 places for children aged from 2 years to 3 years and 32 places for children aged from 3 to 4 years.
  • To be flexible within our capacity in order to respond to the child and parents needs for nursery provision.        
  • To serve the local community.
  • To develop the whole child through providing a stimulating and accessible learning environment which is carefully planned to meet the needs and interests of all children. 
  • To work closely in partnership with parents, families, staff and children involving a ‘two-way’ communication to support the children’s well-being and learning. 
  • To provide interest led activities following the EYFS requirements and principles, through rich experiences, play and sensory activities.  
  • To ensure a smooth transition to infant school by providing a fun, early years’ curriculum which children thrive to learn.

Working closely with families

We strive to ensure that the ‘home-learning’ environment is supported by practitioners who encourage parents to understand early learning and to extend opportunities at home.
At Manor nursery we value the fact that you know your child better than anyone. We provide every opportunity for families to be involved in their child’s learning and nursery experience through; 

  • Initial home visits 
  • Meeting and greeting at drop off and pick up times. 
  • Offering termly meetings to share your child’s next steps from Nursery and home. 
  • WOW moments recognised at home and brought in to share with staff and the other children.
  • Sharing your own special interest with our nursery eg.. playing an instrument 
  • Parent evenings twice a year. 
  • Regular newsletters