How will I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

The class teacher will meet with parents regularly to discuss your child’s needs, support and progress. For further information the Inclusion Leader/ELSA/nurture staff are available to discuss support in more detail or may arrange for a review meeting to be held.  You are welcome any time to make an appointment to meet with either the class teacher or Inclusion Manager and discuss how your child is getting on. We can offer advice and practical ways that you can help your child at home. 

We believe that your child’s education should be a partnership between parents and teachers, therefore we aim to keep communication channels open and communicate regularly, especially if your child has complex needs.  If your child has complex SEND they may have an Education, Health & Social Care Plan (EHC Plan), which means that a formal meeting (Annual Review) will take place to discuss your child’s progress and a report will be written annually. If your child attends the nurture group, ‘The Rockpool’, you will receive a termly report on their progress

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