What support will there be available for my child’s overall wellbeing?

We are an inclusive school; we welcome and celebrate diversity. All staff believe that children having high self-esteem is crucial to their well-being. We have a caring, understanding team looking after our children. The class teacher has overall responsibility for the pastoral, medical and social care of every child in their class, therefore this would be the parents’ first point of contact. If further support is required, the class teacher liaises with the Inclusion Manager for advice and guidance. This may involve working alongside outside agencies such as Health and Social Services, and/or the Multi-Agency Behaviour Support Team.

The school has a nurture room (Rockpool) where if needed children are given support in a small group to work on targets to improve their social and emotional wellbeing.

The school has a policy regarding the administration and managing of medicines on the school site. Parents need to contact the school office if medication is required to ensure a child’s good health (i.e.) medicine for life threatening conditions such as asthma and diabetes. All staff will provide up to date provision maps to be shared with any adult who will be teaching the class in the class teacher’s absence. (see attendance policy, behaviour policy and medicines policy).

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