Building Learning Power (BLP)

Follow Mrs Cornish and Building Learning Power in our school

At Manor Infant school we believe that learning is lifelong and is the right of every person. We are all learners every day of our lives.

We believe children are not born with a fixed level of ability in any area but that ability can be developed with the help of a set of skills and in understanding the way in which they learn best. ‘Learning to learn’ can be developed by anyone, without exception.

It is for this reason that we have started working with our children on a project called ‘Building Learning Power’, which was developed by Guy Claxton (click here for his website).

The research in Building Learning Power suggests that there are four skills we need to develop in order to become successful lifelong learners.

Click on the learning heroes to find out more.

Our learning hero for resilience is

‘Determined Darby’.

 Our learning hero for reciprocity is

'Collaborative Costa'

  Our learning hero for resourcefulness is

'Resourceful Renny'

  Our learning hero for reflectiveness is

'Thoughtful Thornley'



(persevering and trying)   


(learning together


(learning to work in different ways),   


(planning, thinking and revising 

 Each of our classes will have a learning hero to represent the skill and we are developing a language for learning which is used in all classrooms and areas across the school. This will ensure everyone understands and talks about ‘learning to learn’.