Collaborative Costa


 The second of the dispositions, or learning powers, that we introduce to the children is reciprocity. This is also sometimes known as relating.

 Reciprocity means being ready, willing and able to learn with and from others. It’s about teamwork and understanding when you might need support and when you can complete a task independently.

 Collaborative Costa

 Our learning hero for resilience is Collaborative Costa, the whale.

 The skills, or capacities, involved in reciprocity are: imitation, interdependence, collaboration and empathy/listening.

 There will be workshops and meetings throughout the year for you to come into school and find out more about what these will mean for your child.

 The capacities of reciprocity will be taught to the children through all areas of school life and we would like you to support this at home too.

  • Work, play and learn alongside your children, let them pick up good habits through imitating your positive behaviour in teamwork.

  • Make your expectations of turn-taking and co-operation clear.

As with resilience, we would love to know if your child has shown the skills involved in reciprocity at home, so please share this with us by completing a home Collaborative Costa award and sending it into your child’s class.