At Manor Infant School we aim to immerse children in a rich reading environment and give them the opportunity to explore a wide range of quality texts. This supports word recognition, comprehension and vocabulary development.

As soon as children start in Reception class they will take home a book to enjoy with you at home. Research shows that daily reading to or with your child will improve their language and progress at school.

We believe reading at home should be a pleasurable experience for both adult and child. Start by reading the story books to your child and encourage them to join in on the parts they remember.

Eventually they will take home a colour banded reading book. These  are levelled books from a range of quality reading schemes such as Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Stars and Bug club (books only).  The level will be carefully selected by the adult but the choice of the book is the child’s. The book they take home will be an easy read to support learning that has taken place at school, developing their book language, fluency and comprehension. The home reading book can be changed daily by your child. Parents are invited to make comments in a home link book.

We do ask that your child bring their book bag to school daily.

Children will have a weekly visit to the school library where they can select a story book to share with you at home and we regularly hold a year R and Year 1/2 Bedtime stories evening. Children and their parents/carers or other family members are welcome.

Children will have a wide range of reading opportunities throughout the school week.

  • Whole class stories and big books stories.
  • Through literacy we also teach children stories and poems of by heart starting in year R all the way to year 2.
  • Group reading sessions where children are taught skills in reading and will read a text that is slightly more challenging.
  • We also have times where a child reads to an adult, on their own.

Some children may find the early stages in reading trick or they seem to stay at the same level for a long time. For these children we provide 1 to 1 reading session where they will follow an accelerated reading or ECAR programme. This will occur 3 to 5 times a week by a trained TA or teacher in reading and provide the support they need.

To support the teaching of reading we teach 20 mins of phonics daily. We start by teaching them the letters in the alphabet. We then teach them more complicated sounds made up of 1,2 or 3 letters along with reading tricky words. Children are also taught how to blend sounds for reading.

The school has a reading specialist Teacher who is happy to meet with you to discuss any difficulties you may find hearing reading at home.